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Report A Player | AnnaNoGamer
« on: March 21, 2018, 11:56:51 PM »
In-game name of reported player:

Which Server?

When Did This Happen?
21 MAR 2018

Description of what happened:
Well, the topic says 'Report A Player'.
As we know, AnnaNoGamer is 'NOT' a player.
If you check todays TS logs 21 Mar 2018,
You will see that she joined the TS and server hopped
rooms multiple times.

All of TN's servers have always been dedicated to 'players' old and new. New people are always welcome as long as they adhere to the rules.

I myself, would call for a permanent ban.
1. She is not a gamer, player.
2. She doesn't even own a PC/Laptop to play games
3. She joins TS and continuously server hops
until someone will put up with her.

We already know that multiple TS server owners have banned her for these instances. I don't see why we don't follow suit.

Our rules are clearly made out for gamers/players.
Even the report titles are 'report a player'.

I think that all says enough.

Also, my privileges as TN Mod have been revoked, which I presume is due to my banning of AnnaNoGamer.
Which was done without any mention of it to me. If it was down to something else, my apologies.


Please post video evidence/screenshots:
(This helps prove the case in your favour, without it, Its one word against another)
Photo evidence of continuous room hopping sent to Lord Plunderbutt. Evidence can also be seen on TS server logs which I can no longer access, thanks...

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Re: Report A Player | AnnaNoGamer
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2018, 10:12:09 PM »
Anna disconnected the other day before we could really discuss this.
I've updated the rules today (see here) so these issues shouldn't occur in the future.
To give Anna the benefit of the doubt, because we're only updating rules today, I'm not going to issue a ban for that, but I do consider it the first instance of an infraction, which is an official warning.

I am, however, going to issue a ban for the constant refusal to participate on the forum.
We have been extremely lenient in the past, but we have always reserved the right to take action on this.
There is a very clear direction to the forum when connecting to our Teamspeak, and dismissal of the message acknowledges this.
We have always tried to direct discussion to the forum. If someone wants to discuss something instead of playing games, then it's quite obvious that the forum is the best place to do this - not a gaming-oriented teamspeak server.
So, a 24-hour ban on teamspeak will be put in place, as that is the second step on the infraction ladder.

And, as with any infractions, this will remain on record. If there are any further instances, we will take appropriate action as per our rules and banhammer policies.
Of course, Anna can dispute and appeal the ban here.

That's as fair as we can get, for everyone involved! Diplomacy is hard.  ;D
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Re: Report A Player | AnnaNoGamer
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2018, 10:16:00 PM »
Also, I've adjusted the forms so it is now "Report A User"  and not "player" ;)

The Nameless

Re: Report A Player | AnnaNoGamer
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