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Thank you for considering parting your cash to our community!

We are probably one of the only gaming communities that own our servers physically (5 of them), built and maintain our services such as Teamspeak / Website / Game servers, physically maintain and upgrade hardware and also own and maintain our firewall.

We built this community from scratch and have been alive for over a year, we are here to stay for as long as possible! We invest our own time and money in this because we love what we do!

Before you part with your cash to support our website & servers we would like to make this completely clear that all donations are 100% Voluntary & your donation will not give you any exclusive items that only you can access. However to show our appreciation, you will be marked as a supporter on the forums. You can donate as little or as much as you please!

If you do decide to donate to The Nameless. We do appreciate it and cannot thank you enough! Your donation goes to us ensuring we provide a decent community and helps ensure all our services remain online and adds to the possibility of new servers!


Bond & Lordplunderbutt

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