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The one simple rule of The Nameless: DON'T ACT THE MAGGOT

General Community Rules

Anyone found to be in breach of any of the below rules will be issued with a warning or a ban as appropriate. Warning information is available further down this page
  • You must be registered on our forum in order to use our resources.
  • No spam of any kind on our forum or any of our servers.
  • You must actively participate on our forum. One post a week will suffice, but please keep the discussion relevant and take note of the spam rule above.
  • Users who are active on our TS/Game servers yet not active on the forum for more than 1 month will receive an infraction as per the warning/ban rules below.
  • In Game mods are the highest ranking person on the server, with the exception of a TN Administrator.
  • Admins have the final say.
  • We like to hear feedback on all of our resources, if you have suggestions please post  here
  • Complaints of any kind can be posted here
  • Server specific rules apply for all of our game servers. Please take note of them before joining a game
  • Our privacy policy is available  here
  • Our moderating team is cycled occasionally.

Server-Specific Rules
  • TeamSpeak rules can be found  here
  • Arma Wasteland rules can be found : here
  • Minecraft Pixelmon rules can be found  here

Warnings and Ban information
If you feel an unjust decision has been made, please report it on the forums so an Admin can review the case.
We reserve the right to issue warnings and bans according to our rules.
Users can report other users here
All users can appeal a ban either by creating a post here
  • First Instance: Warning
  • Second Instance: 24-Hour ban
  • Third Instance: 7-Day ban
  • Fourth Instance: 1-Month ban
  • Fifth Instance: Permanently banned

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