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Our Teamspeak server address is

General TS Server Rules

Anyone found to be in breach of any of the above rules will be issued with a warning or a ban as appropriate. Warning information is available at the Community Rules link above.

  • English speaking only
  • Your Teamspeak username must match your forum username.
  • You must be registered on our forum in order to use Teamspeak.
  • No Recording or anything that could violate the privacy rules (except for live-streams, Let an admin know before hand or the group that you're with)
  • No racism, sexism, flaming or verbal abuse of any nature.
  • In addition, read our General Community Rules here

UPDATES as of 22/03/2018
In addition to the rules above, these are new rules. In the interest of fairness, breach of these will only take effect from this date.
  • No intentionally interupting or disrupting other users. People use teamspeak to play team-based games and shouldn't be distracted on purpose.
  • This includes, but isn't limited to, constant messaging, constant poking, channel hopping, spamming etc.
  • Off-topic chat from users not engaging in a team-based conversation should join the Sofa room to avoid disrupting players.