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Our ARK server address is

ARK Survival Evolved Server Rules [BETA]

The Nameless ARK Server is IN BETA. All suggestions and feedback to be posted HERE

Anyone found to be in breach of any of the above rules will be issued with a warning or a ban as appropriate. Warning information is available at the Community Rules link above.

  • Our General Community Rules apply:
  • Global Voice Disabled
  • PVE - At Scheduled Times
  • BETA SERVER does not give anyone the right to exploit bugs/glitches
  • Racism, sexism and abuse of any kind on either side/global/direct chat will not be tolerated
  • No glitching, exploits or item duplication.
  • No Cave, Base or Resource blocking
  • No greifing of bases outside of tribe wars
  • One base per Tribe or Player
  • No building directly within (upcoming) Common Areas
  • Don't steal from other players outside of tribe wars
  • No camping bases or common spawn areas
  • Hackusations are not allowed in-game. If you suspect a player might be cheating or hacking, please report on the forums here.