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-IGN GalaxyGamer57


-Timezone: Central Time Zone UTC - 06:00.

-Do you have skype? yes/no (Do not say your username in chat if you are accepted or we require to speak further with you about your application we will ask for it privately)
My skype is GalaxyGamer57 but if there is more than one, than just check the one that says Omaha, Nebraska, that is my location which I pretty sure you don't care about.

-TeamSpeak username: GalaxyGamer57

-Do you have prior experience? if yes please elaborate.
 Yes I do have experience, I have ran servers that the owner did barely get on and I have been head admin for one of my good friends pixelmon server but he couldn't end up paying his company so he had to get rid of the server which sucked.

-Why do you want to be staff?
I would like to become a mod or something that will really allow me to help, I feel that this server has no staff on at all and when I have been on daily for about a week there has been some issues with things not working right or someone getting stuck in battle or things like pixelmon dissapearing or scams that people have screen shootted that no staff has been able to help out with. If I could become a mod I would help out with that.

-How much time do you think you can spend on the server?
I spend pretty much daily on the server.

-Tell us more about yourself:
I spend pretty much daily on the server. I love helping out people on servers and making new friends, my irl name is Ethan and my favorite pokemon is Charizard <3

      Thanks for reading this if you do....

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