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Read First (currency now euro)
« on: August 08, 2015, 04:56:06 AM »
IMPORTANT: We do not refund any donations
                   Please ask the bill payers permission
                   We will add the keys manually to your inventory next time we come online (even if you are offline), it is not instant.

For every €5 donated to the website (EURO) we will show our appreciation by gifting the player 2 hero keys in game.
Hero Keys will always give either a random shiny, or a legendary pokemon.
It is even possible to get a shiny legend.

Donator rank: GrandMaster €25
This is a seperate, one off donation fee rather than accumulated.

/pokecolor (colored names for your pokemon!)
/repair (please note that this does not work for pixelmon hammers)
/warp shrine (a warp unique to Grandmasters that will always have shrines available for use)
5 Homes
5000 bonus claimblocks
Kit with 10 rare candies and 2 masterballs every
It also grants access to all kits from the lower ranks

Note: you MUST be registered on the forum AND select 'yes! Tell the world I gave my hard earned cash!'
Note: please select the currency EURO

you can donate at:

If you decide to donate, please post a thread here with the following:
Amount Donated: (Preference for rank or hero keys)

this is so that we can best facilitate you receiving the rewards

Thank you considering donating!

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Re: Read First (currency now euro)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2016, 07:11:55 PM »
I'm sure this is against the EULA...

Quote from

"Can I sell ranks on my server?
Yes. Ranks are allowed so long as any perks gained are cosmetic. Coloured names, prefixes, special hats etc. are fine."

It's just that I don't want your server to get closed down...


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Re: Read First (currency now euro)
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2016, 03:27:17 AM »
Just my 2 cents. So sorry if anything is offensive or what not also sorry for grammar & spelling errors ahead of time. And sorry for how long this is.

/pokeheal ======== just do "/spawn" heal up then "/back"

/pokecolor (colored names for your pokemon!)  ====== Cosmetic

/workbench   ===== cut down a tree anyone can do it

/enderchest   ====== at spawn

/repair (please note that this does not work for pixelmon hammers)      ======= at "/warp enchant" there is a sign for $5,000 to repair *but have to put in order there are plugins that u can make a shop for repairs plus a lot more even sell commands*

/warp shrine (a warp unique to Grandmasters that will always have shrines available for use)   ======== a sign with a warp to a place where 3 shrine's are with no way to /tp anyone in or /sethome or /back should be buy-able for X amount so world guarded area

5 homes ==== can get 2 at "Champion" but should be 2 for "Member's", then 3 for "Veteran", then 4 for "Elite", then the 5th one for "Master" to rule this one out

last 3 ... idk what to say for them claim blocks you earn being on, voting & "/buyclaimblocks"
the kit for "Master" gives 1 less master ball of this so maybe half time cool down for it seeing you can get "Master" with in-game money

but "Master" should be the in-game buy-able version of "GrandMaster"

from that site === Can users purchase something that affects the entire server, such as a temporary XP boost?
Yes, but everyone who can access the server must be able to use the feature, regardless of whether they purchased it or not. ===

Sooo ... So long as there is a way to get it in game with soft currency / make with easy to find items *work bench ... trees are almost everywhere's* / find *healers / traders / enderchest are at "/spawn"* /warp to it */warp enchant for the "/repair" there is no real problem that i can see only the ones i pointed out areas where it may confidant with it but i have seen many other servers with pixelmon and on other server that have things like this for real money but does not give like "/fly" or anything *though pokemon can fly so yea maybe not to help build but there is no fall damage* So i'm not sure but they been up for at least 2-3 years for some of them so idk.

=== What do you mean by “hard currency” compared to “soft currency”?
Hard currency is real money or anything that can be converted into real money, including Bitcoins. Soft currency is available in-game only, and has no real-world value. The restrictions in the EULA only apply to hard currency; you may unlock things in-game with soft currency. ===

"you may unlock things in-game with soft currency"

all in all idk i have been on a lot of other servers with perks like these and i'm no lawyer or anything so yeah just my 2 cents well 2 nickels now we don't have pennies anymore *[Canadian eh] yeah there i said it :P lol* Also sorry again for how long this is.
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Re: Read First (currency now euro)
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2016, 03:27:17 AM »