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Emberheart66's Staff Application
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eastern standard time

-Do you have skype? yes/no (Do not say your username in chat if you are accepted or we require to speak further with you about your application we will ask for it privately)

yes i do

-TeamSpeak username:

i dont remember exactly but im pretty sure its the same as this one on here i need to re install it and find out

-Do you have prior experience? if yes please elaborate.

a while back i was a mod on this old server that now doesn't run anymore called minetastics i was a mod there for a little more than a year
i was also a mod on a server called insomnia craft till it too shut down same with a server called blazecraft.

-Why do you want to be staff?

First of all i love to help people and guide them along the right path but I honestly just joined the server a the end of last week and i already love it! everyone i have met so far have been so nice and polite. I just wanna help out on the server like big time :D because ill see a new user join and just start cursing up a storm or using all caps and they wont listen to me when i ask them to stop  or tell them its against the rules. I really want to help prevent people from breaking the rules.

-How much time do you think you can spend on the server?
well till the end of summer like almost all day but once school starts maybe about 4 hours a day ..... i kinda have no life lol

-Tell us more about yourself:
Well i'm a typical 17 year old high schooler who loves to play minecraft. I love animals and Pokemon and art. I am typically found playing minecraft when i'm at home haha but i am also very serious even though i enjoy joking around sometimes. I am maturing every day but its actually very difficult for me because i have a severe case of ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder) meaning i have trouble sitting still or paying attention but i'm working on changing that.

if you want to know anything else about me just let me know and i thank you for reading my application :D
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Emberheart66's Staff Application
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