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« on: August 23, 2015, 10:50:56 PM »
Some suggested rules since the rule don't be a dick goes over peeps heads..

No building within 1000m of trader zone(s)
No building within 500/750m military areas
No stealing in trader zone(s)
No camping trader zone(s)
Buildings no more then 3 levels high?
No building on roads
No building workbenches and leaving on roads as to cause obstruction ..

people are parking vehicles at trade zone and are  login out leaving them there till there return how about this not being allowed? or if so then in parking spots out front of airport?
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Kaiser James

Re: Rules..
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How about?

1.No airlifting locked vehicles out of player bases.

2.Don't claim that whoever killed you was trader camping because you're butt hurt and can't manage to get revenge any other way.


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Hey Bond theres a Exile sign at the airport as you come in can you replace the signage to say No stealing in tradezone?

The Nameless

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