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Exile 0.9.32 "Pitaya"
« on: October 04, 2015, 01:11:09 AM »
Forget the last update : that was soooo yesterday..

Changelog from the Exile Dev Team..


- Fixed constructing not possible on new servers
- Fixed rotating vehicles not possible
- Fixed Arma default group bar showing up
- A lot of boring optimizations to increase performance. A LOT! Watch your (Server) FPS! We had 80 players on our test server and it ran at 35-46 FPS. Thanks for everyone helping us!
- Added new kill types with extra respect "Big Bird" (Roadkill with a chopper) and "Let it rain" (Static MG kills)
- Added a completely new keypad UI
- Implemented more easter eggs
- Loot now spawns multiple items on a stack, but spawns in less positions
- If you enter a wrong PIN code three times in a row, it will deny access for five minutes (cannot be abused in safe zones)
- Added a very rare item that can scan a code lock. If the code lock has been used within the last 15 minutes, it shows the last three digits of the PIN code as a heat signature. This item is called "Thermal Scanner Pro" and can be used five times. You cannot buy it, but find it in industrial areas and vehicles service points.
- It will not put you into combat mode if you throw a smoke grenade, chemlight or hand grade anymore
- It will also not put others into combat mode if you throw a grenade at them or place a mine next to them (They wont see that coming!)
- Server owners can choose between ground/parachute/halo jump spawning
- Server owners can enable/disable NVG and thermal optics
- You can now attach satchel charges to vehicles, choppers, UAVs, player or constructions
- If you fly/drive a vehicle into a safe zone that has explosives attached to it, the explosives will be dropped to the ground
- The Bambi state will now end when you enter a vehicle
- Fixed a problem where entering a safe zone could kill you (thirst/hunger to 0 instantly).. sorry! :(
- Locking/Unlocking vehicles now has a proper effect for feedback
- Vehicles that were parked in a safe zone have god mode after a restart now
- Vehicle turrets and static MGs do not do damage in safe zones anymore
- Limited the maximum speed of cars and bikes to 20km/h in the safe zone to prevent trolls ramming into each other
- You can now stop auto-running by pressing 0, W, A, S or D
- Fixed a problem where your respect/pop tab amount was reset when you shot someone with an offroad MG (Thanks, Arma)
- You can now destroy reinforced wood constructions. They take 3x more damage than normal wood constructions.
- Selling equipped weapons now works. If your equipped weapon has components, it will also add the sales price of the attachments / loaded magazines to it. This only works for weapons that you have equipped. If you sell a weapon with attachments in a backpack, vest or vehicle, it will not add the sales price of the attachments to it (Technically not possible, sorry!). You might want to sell the attachments first and then the weapon to have the same effect.
- Added Arma 2 trees to our configs. Chop chop! - thx to HerrMohn for sharing
- The XM8 now shows 0 pop tabs instead of your total balance when trying to send other players money
- Adjusted sales price of 30rnd 9mm, which was cheaper than 15rnd 9mm :)
- You can now move flood lights
- Fixed safes / wood crates simulating physics after server restart
- Fixed range finders / scopes not showing distance
- Fixed "Locked Vehicle/Safe Inventory Bypass" glitch
- Fixed "Bipod" duping method (Navid / SPMG do not come with a bipod out of the box anymore)
- Fixed "Sell Button Spam" money farming method
- Fixed "Take All Button" duping method
- Fixed the "Take All" button replacing your vest / uniform / backpack
- Fixed the "Take All" button replacing your XM8 with a watch and vice versa
- Fixed accuracy showing too imprecise values at the traders
- Fixed text not being centered correctly in "hints"
- Fixed a problem where vehicle god mode could end when it had different drivers/pilots
- Fixed a problem where you were a "muppet" outside of the safe zone
- Fixed a problem where vehicles where moved to ground level when you flip them
- Portable generators now work properly after restart
- Added the XM8 to the equipment trader
- Fixed a problem where you could (re)move constructions of other territories when placing your flag too near to other territories
- Lowered the chance of vehicles spawning with damage / explode when purchasing them, after server restart and in general. #armathings
- Camp fires, wood chests, safes, camo tents and work benches can now be placed without the need for a territory. However, you cannot build these on enemy territory.
- You cannot build camp fires, work benches and wood chests on roads anymore. Sorry, road blockers!
- Everyone with construction rights can deconstruct and move objects in a territory. If you have placed something outside of a territory, only the owner can deconstruct and move it.
- If you deconstruct an object, it will drop the construction kit item onto the ground.
- If you deconstruct or move an object that has a code lock on it, it will drop the code lock item onto the ground.
- If you place a new construction and move more than 20 meters, the object will now disappear. If you move an existing object and move more than 20 meters, it will fall down instead.
- Fixed duplicate messages being send (like death notifications etc.)
- Fixed corpses, AI and weapons de-spawning too fast when no player was nearby.
- Wrecks will now de-spawn almost instantly in safe zones
- Fixed possible construction gaps after server restart.- thx to Killzone Kid / NouberNou for sharing
- Added a much better loot and object clean up system. Be sure to have a look at this if you program custom mods for Exile.
- We finally implemented snap-building. Kappa

There you have it.

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Re: Exile 0.9.32 "Pitaya"
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2015, 04:47:54 AM » once more unto the breach!! :D lol
Ya see, I'm Irish, but I'm not a leprechaun
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Re: Exile 0.9.32 "Pitaya"
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2015, 02:30:23 PM »
do i have to download this mod update and put it into my steam apps folder?


Re: Exile 0.9.32 "Pitaya"
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2015, 02:33:44 PM »
Its moved onto "coconut" now. Check and download the latest client files
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Exile 0 9 32 "Pitaya"
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2018, 05:37:39 PM »
I just want to know to our gm that LENARIA is really dead  and the game is not balance, feo and other nation is a lots of player  . and i think the one of solution is make an envoy free exile to LEN. Hoping that will be happen thanks.

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Exile 0 9 32 "Pitaya"
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2018, 05:37:39 PM »