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Exile Zombies...
« on: October 08, 2015, 07:35:11 PM »
This has being talked about and i know we have run this by our regs to the server and there up for it but we can make it better..

A few of us have being talking of it and throwing idea's back and fort, now myself have not played on servers with the new zombie mod but some of the guys have and say there a pain like epoch arma 2 they get in the way ect but we can isolate them..

1* Have Infected zones and highlighted on the map..
2* These areas contain high value loot..
3* since we are back in operation with map builder we can custom areas
4* The island up far north which is used sometimes as spawn island can be turned into an extremely dangerous zone or made into a story? like this is where the cure is located IE  or a research facility where they where testing viruses like the T-virus yeah resident-evil back story ;D the island can be built up to resemble this..

This is doable whats catching me is these zones easily made but its the cycle of the loot if someone manages to get in and out alive that particular zone can't respawn that loot till next server restart?
I know you can make vehicles respawn by putting in a code in the init section? or is it a module? can we make the loot respawn say 30mins or an hr after its being looted?

Having say 4 zones on main land and the island being the research facility 5 in all should be enough no over saturation of zombies b/c talking to paddy he says to many and lags the place out of it..

Remember the rig i found and put into wasteland? i found something on steam workshop its a sub-facility in a mission someone built im sure this content can be added in to kavala harbour? eye candy something different to visit?

I think if we bang our heads together and lend a hand no rush job we can role this out?

Come next yeah 1st quarter Tanoa Arma expansion is released and with eden mission making and map making is made easy so we will have alot more hands getting stuck in :) good time ahead..

can we get talking on this and if we cam agree can we begin work on it?????????????????


Re: Exile Zombies...
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Dear Crow,

You've upset the dev's


Zombified Dev

On another note, I'll crank up a dev server to experiment on before deploying live..
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Re: Exile Zombies...
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I'm all in for this!

Dev's, get the ball rolling :P

The Nameless

Re: Exile Zombies...
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