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StarWarsKid97 Staff application (read at your leisure)
« on: November 27, 2015, 12:17:12 AM »
My IGN Is starWarsKid97

Age: 15

EST timezone

I do indeed have skype

Teamspeak username is NanoTony

My prior experience in server is vast when I used to play Minecraft 24/7. I was Admin/Plug-In manager on at least 2 server that got a steady flow of players on it. I know what to do if a hacker comes on, ask him kindly to stop and kick if absolutely necessary, which usually all you need common knowledge same goes for the rest of "rule breakers". I have achieved these ranks by applying and helping out as well as just playing on the game to an extent of time. Since then I have played other games such as cs go which has decreased my time in minecraft, but now I want to focus on this server.

I want to be staff because  "I want to help out" no matter how cheesy it might sound, but also to have a voice in the community and people will actually take my advice; especially, the new players. I don not care for what rank I would receive if I have the luck to catch the good side of you, yet my intentions on being server is my ambition to feel chosen and keep me playing on the server to I pack up my bags and go to college. All in all I would like to join a community further in becoming a "higher status".

Most days I can spend hours on the server while others have family matters to attend to, but more specifically 4-6 EST standard time. On weekends maybe 5 hours will be put in. Like most players some events happen to pull me away from the server, so if you do promote me, I apologize in advance.

I am a freshman in Highschool, and love joining community and watching competitive gaming. I also play games beside minecraft if I ever get really bored. I'm very social and will shy on first "talk" but as time will tell you I will come out of my shell. I'm very nice and hate small flame wars in chat which may pull out a dark side that I will personally control in order for this part. I would also like to point my trait flaws which can be small pet peeves. I get a little salty if unfairness is shown such as a scam. I sometimes don't talk at all in periods of time. My biggest flaw is over confidence which is need sometimes but not all the time. If I get excepted I will deal with these issues but I would like to point something out to you dear reader, I'm not perfect. Thank you for taking the time to read the application. Please do write to critique me. :]

The Nameless

StarWarsKid97 Staff application (read at your leisure)
« on: November 27, 2015, 12:17:12 AM »